Hi, My name is Amir Chambers. I am a sophomore at Boston College. After witnessing the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on our nation and the healthcare workers, I wanted to find a way our community could help healers and say thank you.

Why Medical Residents?

Many healthcare professionals deserve our gratitude. Part of my family is from New York City, which was the first major epicenter of the pandemic. Therefore, the effect of COVID-19 has been a personal interest. My aunt is an experienced surgeon in Brooklyn, New York. I spoke with her many times about the pandemic and the depth of trauma experienced by the newest doctors coping with caring for COVID-19 patients. She impressed upon me the important role of medical residents on the front lines. All who are new to the profession and work tirelessly on care teams. Sadly, their dedication has meant they are dealing silently with post traumatic stress. Our conversations and my research had a profound effect on me. I wanted to do something, while respecting stay at home orders.

I created Helping Healers as a conduit to give back in a meaningful way to medical residents. I want to give them a measure of gratitude, mental peace and hope during this uncertain and trying time. Thank you.

About us

The goal of Helping Healers is to provide moments of peace and care to medical residents as they cope with the tireless response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress and trauma experienced by medical residents is at an all time high. Treating patients effected by COVID-19 has had a chilling effect on doctors and the healthcare community. The mental anguish and fear is tremendous. Suicide rates amongst healthcare workers is on the significant rise, it is highest amongst doctors. We must place critical priority on the mental health and well-being of COVID-19 care teams on the frontline.

Helping Healers seeks to reach back and thank the newest members of the medical community. We deliver a measure of relief and appreciation. Our wellness and self care backpacks are filled with a host of beneficial items to say thank you to our healers.

This organization is 100% powered by your donations. Each medical resident will receive a self care backpack filled with a journal, tea packets, stress balls, scented oils, affirmation cards, a full size plush blanket and a personalized thank you note. The costs for each healer’s backpack is $55.00. We will package and ship the backpacks to a host hospital for distribution.

Please go to our main page and donate to our charity. With your help, we can purchase self care backpacks to say thank you to our healers.